11 Hamptons Hotels on The Beach to Give You the Finest Beach Accommodation Experience

If you want to experience some celebrity sightings also hardcore fun for the summer, there’s no place like Hamptons. Hampton holds all the fun and games you need, from being a famous playfield for celebrities to having golden-hued beaches, top-tier spas, and amazing amusement parks.

But wait up! Where will you stay in such a tropical paradise along the shining Atlantic Coast? That’s when you need me, as I have a list of some top-tier Hamptons hotels on the beach. Whether you need a dream paradise or accommodation close to the histories, my hours of research have brought them to you right here!

However, before jumping into the charming accommodations, why not add a few interesting tourist spots to your list? You don’t want the summer holiday to be limited at the beaches. Hop on!

Exciting Places to Visit in Hampton

The main attraction of the Island is undoubtedly the bright sandy beaches, the Atlantic Ocean, and breathtaking nature views. However, there is more to explore!

Let’s start with Buckroe Beach and Park, offering 8 acres of charming sand beach for family fun. Tuesday night movies and Saturday night concerts are also arranged here.

The Fort Monroe National Monument is for you if you’re into history. It holds the history of the Colony of Virginia in the 1600s and the American Civil War.

The Virginia Air and Space Center is a top-tier sight for those into aeronautics. Partnering with NASA, it offers a lunar simulator, IMAX theatre, Apollo 12 command module, and so on.

Do you want to visit an ages-old Virginia farm? Consider your wish granted with a visit to the 150-acre Bluebird Gap Farm.

Next comes the Hampton Coliseum serving as a multi-use entertainment center. The Air Power Park, with hundreds of rockets, missiles, and fighter aircraft, is an excellent place for learning the history and evolution of arms technology.

Other entertaining places include the Hampton Carousel, the Woodland Golf Course, Sandy Bottom Nature Park, etc.

11 Hotels in The Hamptons on The Beach

Hampton is a playground for the elites; if you want to be part of it, remember to bring in a heavy pocket. If you’re good with that, check out these excellent beach hotels in Hamptons for a classy holiday!

1. Montauk Blue Hotel

If you want to stay close to the Montauk village with a breathtaking ocean view, the Montauk Blue Hotel will serve you right.

Montauk Blue Hotel

Great Location

It is conveniently located on South Emerson Avenue in Montauk, taking only a minute to walk to the Main Town Beach. The Block Island State Airport is the closest airport, only 34 km from here.

Nearby Attractions

With a variety of beach areas within 5 km, the hotel has already earned 5-stars from many, besides, within a 9 km radius, great attractions like the Second House Museum, Shadmoor State Park, Hither Woods Preserve, Montauk Lighthouse, etc.

Hotel Facilities

The hotel offers satisfactory amenities like free WiFi, parking, vending machines, heating facilities, etc. There are plenty of in-room facilities, such as a TV, refrigerator, microwave, seating area, private patio, and an astonishing ocean view.

Outdoor and Relaxation

For having an outdoor fun time with your family, you can hang out at the beachfront or sun bask on the sun deck. The hotel even provides BBQ facilities for guests who love cooking by the beach. To relax, an outdoor swimming pool and Jacuzzis drown your stress.

Recommended for:

It is quite a good deal for families on their summer vacation close to Montauk village.

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2. Montauk Manor

The Montauk Manor will undoubtedly offer you the experience of living in a vintage Hampton mansion, as the name suggests.

Montauk Manor


It is located on Edgemere Street in Montauk, only a 6-minute walk away from Navy Road Beach. Block Island State Airport is the closest airport, only 34 km from the property.

Tourist Spots Nearby

Within a 10 km radius, there are all possible entertainment spots, including parks, museums, and beaches. The list includes Fort Pond Bay Park, Montauk Downs State Park, Second House Museum, Theodore Roosevelt County Park, and so on.

Modern Amenities

There’s an on-site restaurant at the property serving American meals. Besides, other modern facilities include free WiFi, parking, a business center, shuttle service, heating facilities, etc. In-room amenities include a microwave, refrigerator, fully-fledged kitchen, private bathroom, etc.

Leisure Activities

The property lets you enjoy in-house a list of entertainment activities like tennis, horseback riding, hiking, cycling, golfing, etc. You can also spend a lazy afternoon on the outdoor patio, terrace, or garden or enjoy a family BBQ or picnic. Board games and puzzles are also there to keep you busy.


For a soul retreating session, there’s an outdoor heated pool you can swim in or sun bask by the beach. The spa and fitness center offers an excellent time off from everyday life and solely for yourself.

Recommended for:

It is highly recommended for families looking forward to a holiday in a vintage mansion in Montauk.

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3. Royal Atlantic Beach Resort

The Royal Atlantic Beach Resort offers you just royal treatments and a breathtaking outdoor ambiance.

Royal Atlantic Beach Resort

Top-rated Location

It is conveniently located on Emerson Avenue in Montauk, only a 2-minutes walk from Kirk Park Beach. Block Island State Airport is the closest, only 34 km from here.

Nearby Attractions

The famous attractions nearby include Shadmoor State Park, Fort Pond Bay Park, Camp Hero State Park, Montauk Point Lighthouse, etc. Besides, various beaches nearby include the Hither Hills State Park beach, Gin Beach, Ditch Plains Beach, etc.

Hotel Facilities

Apart from the basic hotel facilities, the resort’s best feature is the incredible Ocean or pool view from any suite! In-room facilities include a flat TV, kitchenette, microwave, coffee maker, burner stove, and so on.

Beautiful Outdoors

The hotel is surrounded by beautiful landscaping and exceptional outdoor facilities. They have an on-site restaurant offering complimentary breakfast for guests of some suites. Besides, the picnic area, BBQ facilities, huge terrace space, and beachfront are notable.

Leisure Activities and Unwinding

For spending memorable leisure with your family, there are plenty of entertainment activities to indulge in. The list includes horseback riding, hiking, fishing, a game room with ping pong, etc. You can avail yourself of an unwinding session at the outdoor heated pool, beach loungers for sun basking, or the spa.

Recommended for:

It is suitable if you are looking forward to well-facilitated outdoor facilities for fun.

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4. Ocean Vista Resort

A movie-like resort by the beach is what you need to calm your soul. And that sounds precisely like Ocean Vista Resort.

Ocean Vista Resort (Amagansett)

High-rated Location

It has a convenient location in Montauk Hwy in Amagansett, taking only 5-minutes to walk to the Hither Hills State Park beach. While the Ocean is right alongside, the Block Island State Airport is about 43 km from the place.

Tourist Spots Nearby

Within a 15 km radius, you’ll find a lot of tourist spots to visit. They include Montauk Point Lighthouse, T1, Montauk Downs State Park, Egypt Lane Historic District, etc. Besides, an array of some best beach restaurants in Montauk are located within a 9 km radius of the resort.

Hotel Facilities

As you make a booking in the hotel, you can avail yourself the amenities like private access to the beach, sun deck, BBQ facilities, free WiFi, parking, banquet facilities, etc. In-room amenities include flat TV, seating place, kitchenette, air-conditioning, and a beautiful sea view.

Fun Time and Loosening

Spend an unforgettable vacation at Hamptons as you enjoy snorkeling, cycling, hiking, canoeing, windsurfing, and so on at the resort. The indoor swimming pool will undoubtedly give you a relaxing time. If that’s not your thing, maybe you can use some spa and sauna time or bask under the sun on beach loungers.

Recommended for:

It is an excellent place for family, a couple of holidays adjacent to the Ocean, and many eating spots.

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5. Sea Crest

With outstanding contemporary-style decor and top-tier suite views, the Sea Crest has earned 3-stars from its guests.

Sea Crest (Amagansett)

Great Location

It is conveniently located on Montauk Highway in Amagansett, only a 7-minute drive from Montauk. The beach takes 3-minutes to walk to, whereas the Block Island State Airport is 42 km from the place.

Nearby Tourist Spots

An array of fantastic attractions are located within a 15 km radius. The long list includes Montauk Lighthouse, Hither Woods Preserve, F1, North Main Street Historic District, Theodore Roosevelt County Park, etc.

Resort Facilities

The resort not only carries the outlook of a pristine modern resort but also offers excellent facilities. They include free WiFi, paid parking, beachfront or garden for a family gathering, daily housekeeping, vending machines, etc. Plenty of in-room facilities have breathtaking sea views, a private balcony, a dining and seating area, a kitchenette, and so on.

Fun and Relaxation

For leisure, you can choose simply hanging at the beach with your loved ones, go fishing, or play tennis. Again, the outdoor swimming pool and spa facilities are quite the deal for a relaxing time.

Recommended for:

It is highly recommended for an unforgettable family, couple, or even a solo trip by the Ocean and beach zone.

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6. Aqualina Inn Montauk

With elegant decor, landscaping, and amiable staff, many consider the Aqualina Inn Montauk their favorite accommodation!

Aqualina Inn Montauk (Montauk)

Excellent Location

It is conveniently located on Elmwood Avenue in Montauk, only a 3-minutes walk from Kirk Park Beach. Block Island State Airport is only 34 km from the property.

Nearby Attractions

From exciting museums, and parks, to natural retreats and cafes, it’s all within a 10 km radius of the Inn. The list includes Second House Museum, Montauk Downs State Park, Camp Hero State Park, Fort Pond, Lake Montauk, etc.

Modern Facilities

Plenty of modern amenities within a contemporary decor include a beverage place, free WiFi, parking, concierge service, and heating facilities. You can avail yourself of a courtyard, balcony, spa bath, ocean-inspired art, and jaw-dropping natural views from the suites.

Outdoors and Fun!

The hotel offers you a picnic area, an outdoor patio with furniture, and a garden, and enjoy the elegant outdoors. For leisure fun with the whole family, you can enjoy live music, sports, temporary art galleries, mini golf, horseback riding, canoeing, fishing, and much more!


After a whole day of traveling, you can enjoy some me-time at the beachside on beach loungers or take a swim in the Olympic-size outdoor heated pool.

Recommended for:

It is an excellent place for couples to enjoy a time away from the monotonous everyday life by the beach.

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7. Beachcomber Resort at Montauk

A resort with a magnificent ambiance, breathtaking decor and outdoors, and friendly staff- the Beachcomber Resort at Montauk.

Beachcomber Resort at Montauk (Montauk)


It has a top-rated location in Old Montauk, only 5 minutes walk from the Hither Hills State Park beach. Block Island State Airport is the closest, only 36 km from here.

Places to Visit Nearby

Only within a 15 km radius, you can visit the Second House Museum, Fort Pond Bay Park, Montauk Lighthouse, Montauk Point State Park, and the Atlantic Ocean itself! Besides, there are five different beach areas, including the famous Navy Road and Gin Beach.

Breathable Outdoors

The best part about the resort is the beautifully arranged outdoor facilities within the landscape. The resort offers stunning outdoors with a private beach area access and outdoor furniture on the patio.

Resort Facilities

You can avail yourself of the fantastic resort amenities like free WiFi, parking, vending machines, heating facilities, coffee maker, flat TV, and so on.

Fun and Loosening

If you need some relaxation, the outdoor heated pool or the beach loungers for sun basking sounds excellent. You can also use some spa treatments to soothe your soul.

Recommended for:

It is a fantastic choice for smaller families and couples on their long-awaited Hampton summer holiday.

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8. Marram

With the outlook of a tropical paradise, Marram will offer you nothing but luxury and comfort for as long as you want to stay there.

Marram (Montauk)

Top-rated Location

It is conveniently located in Oceanview Terrace in Montauk, only 500m from Montauk village. Kirk Park Beach is right beside the resort, and Block Island State Airport is only 34 km from here.

Nearby Attractions

Apart from being on the coastline of the Ocean, the resort is nearby to a significant number of places. The list includes Shadmoor State Park, Second House Museum, Montauk Lighthouse, Navy Road Beach, Gin Beach, and so on.

Delicious Relishes

Not only does the resort allow you cool beverages and cocktails by the sea, but also seasonal outdoor meals. You can also have delicious seafood, locally produced vegetables, savory fresh meat, and a fresh bakery.

Hotel Amenities

The resort offers basic amenities like free WiFi, parking, a shared lounge, soothing decor, stunning views, and so on. Considering in-room facilities, you get a balcony, heating facilities, wooden furnishings, dining area, refrigerator, etc.

Fun Time and Relaxation

You can enjoy the breathtaking ambiance of the resort from the sun deck, outdoor patio with furniture, garden, or even the private beach area with windy breezes. Besides, they offer horse riding, hiking, fishing, and golfing opportunities. For relaxation, you can sit back quietly at the beach loungers sun basking, take yoga classes, or swim at the outdoor pool.

Recommended for:

It is a fantastic holiday resort for families and couples on romantic getaways.

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9. The Ocean Resort Inn

Another high-end grand resort by the beach to take away all your stress- is the Ocean Resort Inn.

The Ocean Resort Inn (Montauk)


It is conveniently located on South Emerson Avenue in Montauk, only a block from the town center. Kirk Park Beach is right across the street, and Block Island State Airport is the closest, 34 km away.

Places to Visit Nearby

Dozens of parks like Fort Pond Bay Park, Hither Woods Preserve, and Montauk Point State Park are within a 7 km radius. Again, the Second House Museum, Montauk Lighthouse, Fort Pond, and the Atlantic Ocean are close by.

Modern Amenities

The resort has a contemporary-style decor with elegant white marble furnishings. Apart from the basic amenities, it offers private beach access, a picnic area, and garden for get-togethers, concierge service, a spa bath, a tea maker, etc.

Leisure and Destressing

To spend quality leisure, you can enjoy the beach, mini golfing, horse-riding, cycling, hiking, fishing, and whatnot! If you need a little time off the coast, the outdoor heated pool and sun basking on the beach lounger shall do.

Recommended for:

It is highly recommended as a honeymoon resort in Hampton or for newlyweds.

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10. The Surf Club Resort

The Surf Club Resort offers more convenient access to both the beach and town than any similar beach resort. Let’s explore!

The Surf Club Resort (Montauk)


It is located on Surfside Avenue in Montauk with a private 550-feet beach solely for the guests. Montauk Airport is only 10-minute drive away from the resort.

Nearby Attractions

With private beach access and three different popular beach areas within a 2 km distance, the resort location is favored by many. Other nearby attractions include Shadmoor State Park, Camp Hero State Park, Montauk Point Lighthouse, Hither Woods Preserve, and so on.

Resort Amenities

It has almost half-a-dozen suites to choose from, all with a stunning view of the Ocean. And all the suites come with wooden furniture, flat TV, a sofa bed, and a seating area. Other in-house facilities include free WiFi, parking, vending machines, concierge service, etc.

Outdoors and Leisure

The picnic area, terrace, and beachfront are great options to enjoy a family get-together or relaxing outdoor time with your beloved. Also, you can do some fun activities like enjoying live music, happy hour, movie nights, tennis, cycling, and so on.

Unwinding Session

After a tiring day, you can relax at the heated outdoor pool or sun bask in the morning on the beach loungers. Besides, fitness, sauna, and yoga classes sound great for unwinding.

Recommended for:

It is highly recommended for small families or couples demanding a private beach area.

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11. Sound View Greenport

The Sound View Greenport might be precisely what you need if you are searching for a picture-perfect 90s beachside hotel.

Sound View Greenport (Greenport)


It is located on Route 48 in Greenport, only a 10-minute drive from McCabe’s Beach. Francis S. Gabreski Airport is only 34 km from here.

Tourist Spots Nearby

Within a 13 km distance, you’ll find exciting parks and attractions. These spots include Senator S. Wentworth Horton Park, Polo Grounds, 5th Street Beach Park, Mitchell Park, New Suffolk Waterfront, and so on.

Resort Amenities

As you make a booking here, you can avail yourself of many modern amenities. The list includes a stunning waterfront view, seating area, and private bath. There are in-house amenities like an on-site restaurant serving delicious A la carte meals, an outdoor patio with furniture, a terrace, a sun deck, etc.

Leisure and Relaxation

You can enjoy a fantastic family time with live performances, happy hour, private beach, cycling, hiking, karaoke, etc. To keep yourselves entertained, you can also play board games and puzzles. You can swim in the private beach area or attend some yoga classes for relaxation.

Recommended for:

It is undoubtedly an excellent place for couples on their romantic getaway or newlyweds on their honeymoon on Hampton Island.

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What are some of the top-tier Hampton resorts by the beach?

Sea Crest on the Ocean, Ocean Resort Inn, Marram, and the Surf Club Resort are some of the top hotels in the Hamptons on the water.

What are some of the finest Hampton beach hotels, Long Island close to the Montauk Point Lighthouse?

Marram, Montauk Blue Hotel, Royal Atlantic Beach Resort, and Ocean Resort Inn are some of the best beach hotels in Hampton nearby the Lighthouse.

How much does it cost to stay at hotels near Hampton beaches?

The cost of staying at Hampton beach hotels ranges from $107 to $375 per night.

Final Verdict

Hampton is no less than a tropical paradise island with beaches and breezes on one side while mountains and green on the other. Whether on your family holiday or spending quality time with the love of your life, Hampton is a great destination.

And to make the trip perfect, this list of top-tier classy Hampton hotels by the beach should serve you right! By now, you’ve possibly found what you are looking for in a Hampton beach hotel to live the dream. And if you got your ideal match, make a booking immediately, and pack your swimsuits. Have fun!

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